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12 Easy Steps to Spend the Day at Pigeon Island in St. Lucia!

Travel to St. Lucia-Pigeon Island National Landmark

When ever I visit St. Lucia one of my favorite things to do in St. Lucia is to visit Pigeon Island National Park that was once separated from St. Lucia. The island was not connected to the mainland of St. Lucia until 1972. I’m glad they connected Pigeon Island to St. Lucia because it allows you to have [...]

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Our Planet Centre-An Eco Friendly St. Lucia Attraction

Travel to St Lucia and Visit Our Planet Centre

St. Lucia is known for its beautiful and pristine environment. In addition to all of the natural beauty on the island, Our Planet Centre is a wonderful new St. Lucia attraction to visit. Our Planet Centre is a fun and interactive exhibit dedicated to environmental conservation. The eco-friendly and educational exhibit is definitely an attraction [...]

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Maria Islands St. Lucia-A Unique Caribbean Gem!

Maria Islands

Did you know that there are other are other islands to visit when you travel to St. Lucia?  The Maria Islands are located on the southeast coast of St. Lucia about one half mile from Pointe Sable. Maria Major is 25 acres and Maria Minor is 4 acres. The islands are separated from the St. Lucia shore [...]

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St. Lucia Parrot – A true bird of paradise!

St Lucia Parrot

The St. Lucia parrot (Amazona versicolor) or, Jacquot, as it’s called locally, makes its home in the canopies of the St. Lucia rainforest. This parrot is the national bird of St. Lucia and another wonderful St. Lucia attraction that you should explore when you visit St. Lucia. The species is found only on the island [...]

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Pigeon Island National Park-A St. Lucia Attraction Not to be Missed!

Pigeon Island National Park

Pigeon Island is an absolute must see St. Lucia attraction located in the northern part of the island. There are several things to do on the island and I suggest you plan a visit to explore Pigeon Island for at least half a day. What and Where is Pigeon Island? Pigeon Island is a national [...]

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