12 Easy Steps to Spend the Day at Pigeon Island in St. Lucia!

When ever I visit St. Lucia one of my favorite things to do in St. Lucia is to visit Pigeon Island National Park that was once separated from St. Lucia. The island was not connected to the mainland of St. Lucia until 1972. I’m glad they connected Pigeon Island to St. Lucia because it allows you to have a unique experience at a St. Lucia attraction you can’t have anywhere else on the island. Pigeon Island is home to the St. Lucia Jazz Festival as well as many other events and activities. When you travel to St. Lucia you do not want to miss this place! Here are my 12 easy steps you can take to ensure your Pigeon Island adventure will be unforgettable!

Step 1- Pay the Entrance Fee.

Travel to St. Lucia-Pigeon Island EntranceWhile paying the entrance fee be sure to get information from the park personnel. They are very friendly and can tell you everything you need to know about the park and its trails. The entrance fee is $5 USD for non-resident adults and $2 USD for local adults. The fee for children is $1 US for children aged 5 to 12 years old. Beach chair rentals are affordable at a price of $2. The park is open from 9 AM to 5 PM daily.

**TIP** You should pay for entry and a beach chair at the same time. Remember to keep your receipt. You will need it later. You can get more information about Pigeon Island at http://traveltostlucia.com/pigeon-island-national-park-a-st-lucia-attraction-missed/or at the St. Lucia National Trust website http://www.slunatrust.org/pigeon_island.php.

Step 2- Look at a map

Travel to St. Lucia-Pigeon Island MapBe sure to look at a map before entering Pigeon Island to see where trails and other areas of interest are located in the park.




Step 3- Visit the beautiful rocky coastal area of Pigeon Island

Pigeon Island Rocky CoastAfter you walk past the entrance of the park I suggest turning and walking to the right towards the rocky coastal area. While there you can take in the gorgeous scenery of the waves lapping against the rocks. The scenic view is just a taste of what’s to come on your adventure!




Step 4- Visit the Pigeon Island Museum and Interpretation Center

Pigeon Island Interpretation CenterTake in a little history. Learn about the history of St. Lucia and Pigeon Island by visiting the Pigeon Island Museum and Interpretation Center. The Interpretation Center is located in a former mess hall built by the British that has been restored. An interactive exhibit that explains the rich and diverse history and culture of St. Lucia is awaiting you inside the museum. The Pigeon Island Museum and Interpretation Center is definitely the place to visit if you wish to learn more about St. Lucia’s history.


Step 5- Have a drink!

Captain's Cellar Pub-Pigeon IslandBefore you leave the Interpretation Center stop and have a cool refreshing drink at Captain Cellar’s Pub. It can be easy to miss this place because it’s actually located in the cellar of the Interpretation Center. Captain Cellar’s Pub is a small bar you can stop at to have a drink or even something to eat before you continue on your adventurous journey through Pigeon Island. Find them online at http://www.captainscellarpub.com/default.htm.

Step 6- Time for Exploration!

Explore the barracks, mess hall and remains of other structures built by the British when they were seeking to maintain control over St. Lucia.

Step 7- Find a trail and start your adventure

There are different trails at Pigeon Island. Two that I have followed are the one to Fort Rodney and Signal Peak. I recommend starting with Fort Rodney Hill first. Take your time and watch your step! The trail can be slippery when wet. The trail to Fort Rodney is not the type of trail for wearing flip-flops. You will need good sturdy hiking shoes for the trail to Fort Rodney.

Fort Rodney Cannon

Top of Fort Rodney-Pigeon Island

Once you reach the top you will see the remains of a fortress and a cannon probably used by both the French and the English in the quest to maintain control of St. Lucia. There is a beautiful panoramic view of St. Lucia from which you can see Rodney Bay, Reduit Beach, Sandals St. Lucia, and even Martinique on a clear day. Take all the photos you want once you’re at this point and breathe in the fresh Caribbean air. Remember to relish in the fact that you made it to the top!

Step 8- Next trail!

After you’ve reached the top of Fort Rodney you should be ready for more adventure. Head over to Signal Peak and climb to the top for another impressive panoramic view. At 330 feet, Signal Peak is the highest peak in Pigeon Island.

Step 9- It’s time to eat

Travel to St. Lucia-Jambe De Bois Seafood Lasagna

Seafood Lasagna at Jambe De Bois

After all that adventure you’re probably hungry! Head over to Jambe De Bois for a delicious seaside lunch. Jambe De Bois is a quaint seaside restaurant inside Pigeon Island that serves delicious inexpensive meals. You will definitely get service with a smile here as all the staff is friendly and very welcoming. Relax and take a seat in one of their rustic wooden tables. Jambe De Bois has a menu to suit all tastes and there are vegetarian options as well. Some of my favorites were the vegetable roti, seafood lasagna, and the grilled fish. Yum! You will be surprised what comes out of the tiny kitchen at Jambe De Bois. They even have homemade deserts and 2 for 1 drinks every day. There is also free wireless internet available as well. See what others have to say about Jambe De Bois at TripAdvisor

Step 10-Take on the final trail!

Now what your belly is full take a quick walk to the trail just past Jambe De Bois to walk off some of that delicious food you just ate. This trail leads to another part of the rocky coast of Pigeon Island and is just another area for you to explore and see St. Lucia from a different view.

Step 11- Get your beach chair

Travel to St. Lucia-Relax at the BeachJust past the final trail and Jambe Du Bois is Pigeon Point Beach. Show the park attendant your receipt and they will give you a beach chair. Set up your chair and relax! Now that you have finished your adventure it’s time to take it easy! You can relax and spend the rest of your day swimming, snorkeling or lazing away at this secluded beach. Pigeon Point beach is perfect because it is usually not over crowded, the water is calm and it’s close to many facilities including a bathroom and shower.

Step 12- Have one last meal

If you’re hungry again after your relaxing day at the beach you can return to Jambe De Bois for another fabulous meal or leave Pigeon Island filled with the blissful memory of a day to be remembered in St. Lucia!

Travel to St. Lucia-Jambe De Bois**TIP** Although Pigeon Island park closes at 5, Jambe De Bois restaurant stays open until 10. Simply ask the guard to let you in if you plan on eating at the restaurant after hours.

Now that you know what to do in Pigeon Island, all that’s left is to get to St. Lucia! Here’s a few suggestions to help plan your St.Lucia vacation getaway.

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