St. Lucia Carnival Facts

June 19, 2011

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What is St. Lucia Carnival?

Carnival in St. Lucia is full of intoxicating fun filled events that celebrate the rich Creole heritage on the island. Carnival is a joyous season traditionally held immediately before Lent. Carnival is primarily celebrated in Roman Catholic communities. Traditionally, Carnival events are held during February. A distinct characteristic of Carnival celebrations are the vibrant St. Lucia Carnival costumes and masquerade masks. Ten years ago, St. Lucia Carnival dates were changed so that it would not compete with other Caribbean Carnival events. St. Lucia Carnival stands out because it features various art forms including theater, music, dance, and song.

St. Lucia CarnivalWhen is St. Lucia Carnival traditionally held?

St. Lucia Carnival event dates vary and usually begin at the end of May or during the first week of June. St. Lucia Carnival events take place throughout the month of June and July leading up to the final parade and celebration in mid July.

What are the traditional St. Lucia Carnival events?

Traditional St. Lucia Carnival events usually include:

  • National and Inter-Commercial Calypso Competitions
  • Panorama
  • Mas on the Derek Walcott Square in the Daytime
  • Square Jam at Night
  • Carnival Queen Pageant
  • Junior Carnival
  • J’ouvert
  • OECS Soca Monarch
  • Lucian Line Jam
  • King and Queen of the Bands

How can I find out more about St. Lucia Carnival events?

Stay tuned! We regularly post information about the St. Lucia Carnival events. For more in depth St. Lucia Carnival history and facts you can also visit or

How can I find out where to stay when attending the St. Lucia Carnival?

If you want to know where to stay in St. Lucia we recommend TripAdvisor to get hotel rates and reviews of hotels from previous travelers. You can also check flights to St. Lucia through

Wild St. Lucia Carnival Video

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