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St. Lucia Hiking Trails-Ready For Gros Piton Hike?

Hiking in St. Lucia - Gros Piton

If you are an active traveler, St. Lucia hiking may appeal to you. Imagine stunning tropical views as you hike up St. Lucia’s Gros Piton. There may not be any other St. Lucia attractions as rewarding as the views from St. Lucia hiking trails. Hiking in St. Lucia truly gives you a chance to see [...]

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St. Lucia Parrot – A true bird of paradise!

St Lucia Parrot

The St. Lucia parrot (Amazona versicolor) or, Jacquot, as it’s called locally, makes its home in the canopies of the St. Lucia rainforest. This parrot is the national bird of St. Lucia and another wonderful St. Lucia attraction that you should explore when you visit St. Lucia. The species is found only on the island [...]

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St. Lucia Hiking Trails – Great St. Lucia Attractions!

If you are a lover of nature then let St. Lucia hiking trails be your playground. Some of the best St. Lucia attractions are the hiking trails that wander across the island. Considering that some of the trails are better kept than others, you may need a guide to complete your trek. Many of the [...]

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