Pigeon Island St. Lucia-10 Things to Do!

Pigeon Island is a wonderful St. Lucia attraction because it is like getting the best of St. Lucia all in one place. Pigeon Island is a historical site with beaches, a museum, food and stunning views. Anyone planning to travel to St. Lucia will definitely want to spend a day exploring all that the island has to offer. This National Park is often a hidden gem among so many St. Lucia attractions for visitors. Actually Pigeon Island should be one of the first places visitors should explore when they travel to St. Lucia.


Ten Things To Do At Pigeon Island St. Lucia

Travel to St. Lucia-Pigeon Island National Landmark

Play at the beach

Beaches are a St. Lucia attraction all their own. Travel to St. Lucia without traveling to the beach is not advisable! Enjoy the beautiful blue waters of St. Lucia by visiting the two secluded beaches located on Pigeon Island.


There is nothing like hiking in St. Lucia. Travel to St. Lucia means taking in all the views and lush green environment. There is no better way to do this than from the summit of a mountain! Enjoy hiking to Signal Peak or Fort Rodney during your visit.

Explore (view the ruins on the island)

Take a look at all the historical sites on Pigeon Island like Fort Rodney to learn more about St. Lucia’s history.

Dine at Jambe De Bois

Once you’re done hiking and exploring you will most likely need to get a bite to eat. A visit to St. Lucia would not be complete without indulging in some Caribbean cuisine. Enjoy the seaside views and food at Jambe De Bois. Jambe De Bois has great food including vegetarian options for health-conscious eaters.

Travel to St. Lucia-Jambe De Bois


Water and St. Lucia go hand-in-hand. Dive in at either one of the secluded beaches located at Pigeon Island. This is a great activity for families who are visiting St. Lucia to enjoy together.


Try Snuba at the beaches in St. Lucia. Snuba is an alternative to scuba or deep sea diving. It is a lot more comfortable to do and is done in a controlled setting. You can enjoy the water and St. Lucia marine life without having to come up for air. Snuba is done with a trained professional guide at your side at all times.

Have a drink at Captain’s Cellar Pub

Captain’s Cellar Pub is a hidden gem located in Pigeon Island. You can enjoy food and drink at this secret restaurant located in the cellar of the Interpretation Center.

Captain's Cellar Pub-Pigeon Island

Enjoy the St. Lucia Jazz Festival

Every year St. Lucia brings renowned artists from around the world to jam the St. Lucia Jazz Festival. The annual St. Lucia Jazz festival is one pig party on St. Lucia’s Pigeon Island that you don’t want to miss. Musicians and performers such as Lionel Richie, Kirk Franklin, and Ziggy Marley grace the St. Lucia Jazz festival stage every summer.

Learn St. Lucia history

You can learn about the history of St. Lucia and Pigeon Island at the Interpretation Center. This is another St. Lucia attraction that is perfect for families with children.

Travel to St. Lucia Wedding & Honeymoon Destination

Get married

How about having a St. Lucia wedding on one of the gorgeous secluded beaches of Pigeon Island? The Pigeon Island beaches are popular wedding destinations that provide the perfect backdrop to such a beautiful occasion.

Now that you know about Pigeon Island you will definitely have travel to St. Lucia and see it for yourself. Book your trip to St. Lucia today. Do more research by looking at our reviews of St. Lucia resorts! If your ready to book your trip you can get package deals from priceline.

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