Maria Islands St. Lucia-A Unique Caribbean Gem!

Did you know that there are other are other islands to visit when you travel to St. Lucia?  The Maria Islands are located on the southeast coast of St. Lucia about one half mile from Pointe Sable. Maria Major is 25 acres and Maria Minor is 4 acres. The islands are separated from the St. Lucia shore by a shallow bay that can have rough waters at times. Although the islands may be small they contain unique flora and fauna and are home to several diverse species only found in St. Lucia. You may want to add this on your agenda of must see St. Lucia attractions on your next visit.

Maria IslandsThe Maria Islands are home to the Kouwes snake, the St. Lucia Whiptail, the Worm snake as well as other numerous plant species unique only to the islands. A visit to the islands will surely quench any nature lover’s thirst for unique beauty. A cacti covered vertical cliff, a forest, and a small beach with coral reef for snorkeling and diving are yours to explore when you visit these islands.

Nature lovers get ready for and adventure!

The St. Lucia National Trust conducts tours to Maria Island. Visitors are escorted to Maria Major via a fishing boat that docks at a beautiful white sand beach. There is a trail on Maria Major visitors can take that leads to an observation point. From there visitors can see spectacular views of the Piton Mountains, the city of View Fort and the Pointe Sable area.

When can I visit?

The Maria Islands are usually closed to visitors from May to August during the nesting season. Tours to the island are given by the St. Lucia National Trust by appointment only. To find out about tour information contact the St. Lucia National Trust at 758-452-5005.

**TIP** Please be aware that this is a protected area and there are no facilities on the Maria Islands what so ever. Be prepared to bring back any trash or waste with you that you bring to the islands. Also the waters can become very rough when crossing the bay to get to the Maria Islands.

Have you been to the Maria Islands? Tell me what you saw on the island by leaving a comment below!

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  1. Anonymous - January 19, 2012

    Maria Islands St. Lucia-A Unique Caribbean Gem! #trip #LP #stlucia

  2. Anonymous - January 19, 2012

    Maria Islands St. Lucia-A Unique Caribbean Gem! #trip #LP #stlucia

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