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Come to St. Lucia Carnival 2011!

St. Lucia Carnival Images

What is St. Lucia Carnival? Traditionally Carnival is a celebratory time that takes place immediately before Lent. Carnival is traditionally a part of Roman Catholic societies.  St. Lucia Carnival stands out as one of the major festivals held in St. Lucia each year. The Line up for St. Lucia Carnival 2011 is a definite must [...]

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St. Lucia Carnival Facts

St. Lucia Carnival

What is St. Lucia Carnival? Carnival in St. Lucia is full of intoxicating fun filled events that celebrate the rich Creole heritage on the island. Carnival is a joyous season traditionally held immediately before Lent. Carnival is primarily celebrated in Roman Catholic communities. Traditionally, Carnival events are held during February. A distinct characteristic of Carnival [...]

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