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St. Lucia Attractions-Drive Through a St. Lucia Volcano!

Travel to St. Lucia-Drive In Volcano

St. Lucia is probably the only place in the world where you can get up and close with and drive through a volcano! The St. Lucia volcano is a must see on many people’s list of St. Lucia attractions. The “drive-in volcano” is located in La Soufriere. The St. Lucia volcano is relatively safe to [...]

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St. Lucia Hiking Trails-Ready For Gros Piton Hike?

Hiking in St. Lucia - Gros Piton

If you are an active traveler, St. Lucia hiking may appeal to you. Imagine stunning tropical views as you hike up St. Lucia’s Gros Piton. There may not be any other St. Lucia attractions as rewarding as the views from St. Lucia hiking trails. Hiking in St. Lucia truly gives you a chance to see [...]

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12 Easy Steps to Spend the Day at Pigeon Island in St. Lucia!

Travel to St. Lucia-Pigeon Island National Landmark

When ever I visit St. Lucia one of my favorite things to do in St. Lucia is to visit Pigeon Island National Park that was once separated from St. Lucia. The island was not connected to the mainland of St. Lucia until 1972. I’m glad they connected Pigeon Island to St. Lucia because it allows you to have [...]

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Travel to St. Lucia and Enjoy the Atlantic Rally For Cruisers Competition!

There is nothing like seeing the world from the water. The Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) is a competition that allows yachting enthusiasts to do just that. The ARC is the world’s largest trans-ocean sailing event. The World Cruising Club organizes the ARC each year. Over 1,500 people from around the world participate in the [...]

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St. Lucia Kitesurfing Tips and Information

St. Lucia Kitesurfing-Travel to St. Lucia

The sport of kitesurfing or kiteboarding was first introduced to the island of St. Lucia in 2002. With its white sandy beaches and ideal weather, St. Lucia is the perfect Caribbean destination for kitesurfing. St. Lucia also has its own kitesurfing center in Vieux Fort. Kitesurfing is still a very new sport. Here is some information [...]

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Travel to St. Lucia for Adventure and Romance!

Travel To St. Lucia

Not every couple wants to experience the perfect candlelit meal close to the beach at night with violins serenading in the background.  If perhaps enjoying a fun filled adventure together with your partner sounds like a much more delightful option to bond, then planning a vacation filled with action and adventure will likely be far more [...]

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Maria Islands St. Lucia-A Unique Caribbean Gem!

Maria Islands

Did you know that there are other are other islands to visit when you travel to St. Lucia?  The Maria Islands are located on the southeast coast of St. Lucia about one half mile from Pointe Sable. Maria Major is 25 acres and Maria Minor is 4 acres. The islands are separated from the St. Lucia shore [...]

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St. Lucia Hiking Trails – Great St. Lucia Attractions!

If you are a lover of nature then let St. Lucia hiking trails be your playground. Some of the best St. Lucia attractions are the hiking trails that wander across the island. Considering that some of the trails are better kept than others, you may need a guide to complete your trek. Many of the [...]

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